TRE Tucson

At TRE® Tucson we have over 45 years experience in helping people just like you grow beyond stress, tension and trauma.

We know that stress, tension and trauma are whole-person experiences, affecting the body as well as the mind. We offer body-based methods to help individuals achieve more complete healing and higher levels of functioning. Because we acknowledge the deep roots of trauma we emphasize an ongoing practice approach to self-healing which aims to help you grow beyond your symptoms over time. We offer a number of powerful practices that you can do for yourself at home and we custom design programs to meet your specific needs. Our comprehensive drug-free, body-based services include:

TRE®– tension and trauma releasing exercises

EMDR– eye movement desensitization and reprocessing

Integral Bodywork®– structural integration

TRE® is a set of 7 physical exercises which evoke a tremoring or shaking response in the body. They are easily learned and can be done on your own at home to promote self-healing. The tremoring allows the body to release stress and trauma at very deep levels. TRE is already being successfully used in 35 countries and is currently being introduced into the USA.

EMDR is a highly effective and safe psychotherapeutic approach which uses your own rapid, rhythmic eye movements, emotions and physical sensations to release the powerful memories associated with past traumatic events.

Integral Bodywork® is a 10-Sessions based method of structural bodywork which releases restrictions in the connective tissues that are often the result of prolonged stress and trauma. IB also includes a specialized stretching sequence designed to open up the deep core of the body as well as dynamic breath work and sitting meditation.

Somatic Psychotherapy/Jungian Analysis integrates mind, body, emotions and spirit with talk therapy. It enables individuals to release pain from the past and live with more fullness and authenticity.

Everett Ogawa is the Founder and Teacher of Integral Bodywork®. He is a Certified TRE® Practitioner. Everett received his basic Structural Integration training directly from William “Dub” Leigh, the Founder of Zentherapy. In 1980, Everett trained in zen and the martial arts directly under Zen Master, Tanouye Tenshin Rotaishi at Chozenji Monastery in Honolulu, Hawaii. He also received an M.A. in Buddhist and Western Psychology from Naropa Institute in 1978.

Amy Sprague Champeau, MS, LMFT, is a Jungian psychoanalyst, somatic psychotherapist and licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice in Tucson, AZ. She is a Certified TRE® Practitioner, Certified Level II EMDR Provider and Certified Practitioner of Integral Bodywork®. A mother and grandmother, Amy has taught intuitive painting for over 10 years and has practiced Zen meditation for 30 years.

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